Fun Wedding Celebrant ceremonies

Your wedding day should be entirely reflective of you and all about you; completely about you. That’s why a huge part of your wedding is about telling your story, from the moment you met and what did or didn’t happen on that first date, to the full details on the proposal.

Brides with dog at wedding

Of course, we’ll still do all the big bits we all recognise as being part of a wedding. You can write your own vows if you choose to, or I can write them for you. (Way better to come from you two, and I can make suggestions and guide you to write the most perfect and awesome vows).

You won’t hear an ‘honour and obey’ in a wedding ceremony created from That Celebrant Guy. The vows are the most important part of every wedding.

You’ll exchange your wedding rings as a symbol of your commitment, and we’ll all have a real good laugh when it more than likely gets stuck at your knuckle, (it happens). 

What is included (if you want them) are all of parts of a wedding you we recognise, but in a much more authentically you, fun and relaxed way that your guests can be included in rather than spoken at. Your guests are your favourite people, on the planet (after each other) so let’s include them.

This is all About You Two

Have your guests ever been to a wedding where they play you back down the aisle to a kazoo cover of Bohemian Rhapsody? Or one where everyone takes a shot of something warming? Maybe, they have, maybe they haven’t. If you want them too, they can.

Because we’ll have several chats and meetings, in person or over a video call, we can discuss any ideas you may want to throw in the mix, as never forget, this is all about you two.