I’m a Wedding Celebrant

I’m Glenn and I live in Sunny Blackpool with my partner and two dogs. I’m a Wedding Celebrant and a Celebrant Trainer, training people to become celebrants; best job(s) ever!

In my younger days I was a stagey kid (even got down to the final 5 kids to play Harry Potter in the movies, not bitter AT ALL). Before becoming a celebrant, I spent many years as head of entertainment for a large hotel chain in the Balearics. Basically, I’m a very confident speaker. 

Why I Became That Celebrant Guy

After training as a celebrant, I became That Celebrant Guy as consensus is that weddings can be dull, with restrictions galore and someone you don’t know delivering words which don’t mean anything. I am an award winning celebrant, but we’ll move on as that’s enough about that.

Your wedding day should be reflective of you, and not what you’re told must happen and where it must happen. To be your celebrant would be a total honour. An honour to create and deliver fun, vibrant, bespoke, and inclusive ceremonies for you lovebirds (without an ill-fitting grey suit in sight, so not me. I’m a lightning bolt blazer and blue suede docs kinda guy).

My style is fun (another tick word), relaxed, non-stuffy and occasionally sarcastic. All that said, I understand the importance and how meaningful the day is, so we balance things out nicely. It isn’t a pantomime after all (unless you want it to be).

You’ll always have my number on hand, so if you want to send me cute pictures of your pets, get my opinion on Love Island or asking me out for drinks then I’m there for you. Every step of the way.

A wise woman told me once: ‘Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe’ and if you think I’m the right person for you then we should chat.